Agri Nord – Farmer’s association

Agri Nord handles the professional and political interests of its members.

The Danish farmers' associations are joined in The Danish Agriculture and Food Council, where 90 percent of all Danish farmers are organized.

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council represents the farming and food industry of Denmark including businesses, trade and farmers’ associations.

Agriculture and food is Denmark’s largest industry and innovation grouping, employing some 150,000 people and exporting agricultural products, food and equipment to an annual value of approx. € 15 billion.


- and advisory firm

Through your membership in Agri Nord you become part-owner of the consulting firm where you are a customer.

In Agri Nord we specialize in providing professional knowledge and coaching to clients in the agricultural industry.

Agri Nord advises clients on plant production, product development, fundraising, organic production, economics, finance, livestock and environment, construction / engineering and legal advice on real estate transactions.

We offer all these types of counseling in-house and therefore can benefit by working together across disciplines and physical location in offering our costumers an individually tailored solution.

Agri Nord is a member of The Danish Advisory Agricultural Service.


Danish Agricultural Advisory Service - the farmer's own advisory company

Danish Agricultural Advisory Service DLBR has surprised many who doesn’t know us.

Our consultancy surprises because:

We provide advice in virtually all areas relevant for farmers, gardeners and other self-employed persons - for example architecture, IT and windmills.
We are one of Denmark’s largest consulting firms with 3,500 employees, 31 counseling centers and our own innovation center. When Danish farmers need new knowledge, they almost always get it at the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service - the company which they own through local associations and Danish Agriculture, which organizes 90 percent of all Danish farmers.

Employees at the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service provides advice and offers services within all agricultural disciplines. This applies to cattle, pigs, plant production, fur, horses, poultry, construction / engineering, finance, auditing, taxation, law and rural development.

Danish Agricultural Advisory Service consists of 31 agricultural centers and The Research Centre for Agriculture in Skejby.

The Agriculture Centres provide advice to the farmers and The Research Centre for Agriculture serves as a shared knowledge and innovation center.